Milner's has both a culture and history of being the brand marketing group of choice for high-end global brands.

Our core strategy is to focus on developing industry knowledge and building consumer equity in premium global brands in the sectors of gourmet homewares, home health, and home environment.

The past 25 years have seen Milner's concentrate on establishing and preserving the brands that it markets and distributes, by engaging their clients via high-profile marketing and consumer care/intimacy programs.

Milner's has become more than an importer or wholesaler. The company provides a holistic solution to overseas manufacturers; in that, we:

  • Integrate all marketing activities (sales, promotion, advertising, publicity, public relations and research) to manage and grow our brands in the Australian market.

  • Establish long-lasting alliances with our clients to mutually add value to our businesses.

  • Continually develop and improve our 'consumer care' to offer the highest level of service.

  • Are an innovative team of experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to brand marketing.